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Sep 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, the defense of and steps in front of a pass goes the distance for a touchdown 13-3 stanford cruising. washington answers to make it 13-10. jayson williams briggs said tackle into the touchdown washington shot stanford 17-13. not a good day for the a's, against the rangers gave up five runs and two home runs a's lose 9-7 a 2 game lead in the wild card. barry zito goes for his 14th win against arizona, the offense helped amount the new guys hunter pence is 22nd of the season. the giants win 7-4. regular officials back and a crowd in baltimore acted like they were the rolling stones. >>> all kinds of [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. it's kinda blurry.
Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
opposed to it include both people on the defense side and judges and have been successful in this new terminal delays it does not have to excess their states plenty of states and talking states like ohio that have been successful in moving it along the beach at the speed it originally intended but it can be done. >>> coming up next looking at all of the new work on the 49ers' new home in the south bay. with a special present for the a's player that helped the team keeps its playoff dreams alive. hot >>> cousins and this is good took part in the box and all timers the money raised is used for care support and research. it began and ended at mission creek park and took place all along the waterfront. keeping a postseason dreams alive and kicking. struggling us a chance to come the padre's although the scheme did not that much. breaking it down to us and the sports. >>> good morning. for the case it's all about the post-season and moved a little bit closer. gave in tied it for the 10th and ran and got his pitch and smacked the no daughter to give the a's the 74 walk off win. pretty much
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
question, should we do worried? if our last line of defense is muni. >> did you hear? a couple big baseball playoff games in the bay area this weekend. sold out football game at candle stick. >> there's america's cup of racing r. it's fleet way ebbing. with the blue angels, then there's the fair. are you going to be there? >> yeah. >> and bluegrass, golden gate park. >> there's going be hundreds and thousands again, if not more than a million people converging on the city. >> sound, muni is not very good. >> that's not just an opinion. on time a little more than-the time. it's short 160 drivers. they go unfilled. >> i'm optimistic about this weekend. >> really? >> investing in the infrastructure, which is the buses, the track, the trains, the traffic flow. and they're going to get better. >> this is the type of weekend lots of people get on muni. throwing everything in fans. which begs the question. >> you can do it for a weekend, why can't you do it every day? >> to sustain that level of activity, to osteopathy those extra vehicles. >> are you going to the game sunday? >> yes. >> how are y
Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm PDT
swallows. hercules has its turkeys. the annual invasion and the defense tactics people are adopting. >> the turkeys are back. they welcomed us home. >> reporter: there are turkeys in hercules. >> yeah, they're all over this area. hercules, in my neighborhood. >> reporter: and some residents complain they are damaging rooftops, behaving aggressively during the breeding season and leaving behind a mess. this was kind of a tricky assignment. while there are turkeys and we'd spot them, whenever they spotted us they took off. >> they're not turkeys, they're vultures. they rule the city. >> reporter: barbara wong and her friend had a different experience. >> having babies and stuff and one of the guy got attacked on the back of our necks. started to, you know, hitting them. >> reporter: you started hitting the turkeys with a chair? >> the guy was getting hit sox yes. >> reporter: turns out the man and turkey survived. on the hercules city website it warns residents not to feed them and to keep a distance, even suggesting opening an umbrella to scare them off. >> they want their personal space abo
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
career stopper. >>> the lawsuit names top defense officials including leon panetta. >>> the number of college grads defaulting on student loans is soaring last year 9 percent of borrowers defaulted within two years of the first payment 3075000 students missed payments for nine straight months lots of college students get to give financial aid on debit cards it saves the school monday it saves the school money. sharon chin found out the aid is gobbled up by feast >>> 20 mi. off our she travels to find an atm that will give him financial aid without a fee >>> 3540 minutes out of my way one direction to go to an atm >>> the san joaquin delta college student like millions across the country receives a thrill hire one debit cards you can access through an atm but it unless it is a higher one at&t will pay fees, 50¢ if you sort but as a debit card use in your pan on top of whatever the merchant charges and $10 a month if your account remains inactive for six months or longer >>> but it feels predatory >>> a research group feels students have a choice to get the old fashion financial a chec
Oct 1, 2012 10:00pm PDT
defense fund says that it is false advertising and they are suing the egg farm. >> the issue is whether the consumers are deceived. and the picture on the packaging depicts hens roaming about a green field. >> reporter: organic free- ranged eggs usually cost a third more than the regular ones. but she doesn't mind. she buys judy's organic eggs. >> i look for that because i want, you know, an animal that is free and roaming free, not in a cage. >> reporter: the animal rights group says that is exactly the misconception. at the farm, it is obvious that the hens are not outside. >> you see thousands of hens it inside them. >> reporter: he said he would not comment until after reading the lawsuit. a family member did tell me by phone that they never claimed that their hens were free range, but that they were caged free and therefore they have access to open fields. the class action lawsuit doesn't question whether the eggs are organic, but about perception and the suit says that people that paid extra for what they believe were truly free-ranged eggs, they should get their money bac
Sep 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
defense outstanding freshman kicker head of four field goals center is a state over navy and 12-0 tomorrow you can see the raiders and denver. >>> your hand end up the a's tomorrow >>> all be there tomorrow you want to go? [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. and now i am recruiting you. who is this guy again? don't worry about phil. he drives a corvette. he is doing just fine. okay, calling cards are the wave of the future. these things sell themselves. who uses calling cards anymore?
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7